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The Magic of Flower Essences

Updated: Jan 8

Flower essences are kin to the esoteric technologies of the ancients, primordially celebrated for their energetic properties of beauty, scent, healing, magic, myth and symbolism. It was believed that dew collected from plants held a curative imprint and flower essences hold a pure and potent form of medicine. The flower’s essence is a highly evolved botanical intelligence that works directly on the subtle and energetic aspects of ourselves, such as the nervous system, meridians and psycho-spiritual themes held in the mental/emotional body. Just as the beauty and fragrance of a flower uplifts our senses externally, the energetic imprint of a flower essence acts internally to uplift our mind and spirit. Flower essences have the ability to expand our consciousness beyond our programmed conditioning of duality thinking, to transcend the entrapment outlook of good or bad, love or hate, happy or sad, beautiful or ugly, the root of all self-limiting beliefs. Flower essences reconcile these states of being to be a balanced in a unified spectrum, leading to greater awareness and understanding of oneself. All flowers are glorious and in perfect relationship with nature, having a true distinct existence that doesn’t toil with themselves or succumb to the internalization of societal and generational imprinting. Flower essences are liquid consciousness and an amazing catalyst to deprogramming by respectively letting go of what is no longer serving us, their vibration honors our true selves by awakening one’s consciousness and enhancing the ability to be discerning to make better choices, creating a new baseline and greater alignment with our authentic self.

Preparing flower essences is a bioenergetic preparation, with the use of sunlight, pure water, a glass bowl, good vibes and a clean environment the vibrational imprint of the flower is solarized in the water then preserved in alcohol resulting in a holistic energetic remedy with each flower having its own unique therapeutic benefits.

Flower essences are intended to be taken internally.

A customized dosage bottle may contain up to 6 different flower essences intended for one’s healing growth. One bottle will typically last for one month, like developing a new healthy habit its best to be taken regularly to see the healing benefits.

WAYS to incorporate essences inti your daily activities

• Add to your water bottle, cup of tea or smoothie

• Add to your bath water

• Incorporate into your cooking or baking by adding to the liquid portion

• Add to a spritzer bottle and mist yourself throughout the day as needed eg. A cup of spring water, drops of your favorite essential oil blends and 4 drops of your Essence. Shake well and spritz away

• Add a few drops of your essence to a room diffuser and allow the vibrational energies permeate your space

• Add a few drops to a favorite crystal that is placed on your alter

• Place a drop of your essence on your pulse points or chakras

• Add some drops of essence to your skincare routine such as a facial toner and lotion

Here are a few examples of concerns that can be addressed using flower essence therapy:

• stress and anxiety

• depression

• grief and sadness

• guilt

• lack of enthusiasm

• low self esteem

• learning difficulties

• fear

• anger and aggression

• trauma and shock

• shyness

• hatred and resentment

• antisocial behavior

• feeling rejected

• pessimism

• worry

• tiredness and lethargy

• feeling stuck

• burned out workaholic syndrome

Some of the positive changes the flowers can make in your life:

• increased self confidence

• better relationships

• enthusiasm

• inner strength and courage

• forgiveness

• goal setting and achieving

• increased optimism and positivity

• life direction

• caring and compassion

• enhanced creativity

• acceptance of change

• greater awareness

• acceptance of self

• psychic protection

• ability to cope

• lightheartedness

• connection to Higher Self

• inner peace

Including a positive intention, prayer, ritual, visualization or a meditative state in the daily intake of your flower essence can potentize the transformative power taking place on the astral and physical plane. The resonance of positive intention is partial to healing and development and is a dynamic force is the transition toward growth and one’s ultimate potential.

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