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Angel Aura Healing Temple workshops are available for your next retreat. Offering a variety of venues for your enjoyment, solace and heart connection. Take time to reconnect with yourself and others in a shared experience to bond and help people to work and be together in mutual respect, taking the time to enjoy the little things we take for granted.  Let your mind rest, regroup and refresh so that when you get back in the real world you'll be stronger than ever.  



Angel Aura provides retreat workshops or for private parties that will bring the element of learning, sharing and unifying to your group experience. 

You can choose from a variety of offerings such as having a customized Flower Essence prepared for each individual, or making an aromatic essence aura bliss!


Creating crystal grids for manifesting your intentions and tap into Source Energy.  Can be for a group or individually done. A meditative journey that stands as a reminder of your dreams and goals. 

Brings focus and clarity to your visions!


Let your senses guide you in designing your own perfume scent using pure essential oils.  Learn how to create chords blending base, heart and top notes that sings to your soul and fills your aura.  Creating a perfume is like an Odyssey into magic and myth, opening the doors to a world of sensuality. Explore the different scents of woods, florals, spices, chypre, herbals and citrus.   



Crystal Vision

To spread beautiful uplifting energy and create a harmonious environment to find peace and heal.  To cultivate inner awareness and empowerment through transformative healing experiences and meaningful connections where we can all thrive together.

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